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Talia Shire PODCAST: Listen now to hear about The Godfather, Rocky + real talk about her life.

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#TaliaShire is an icon. Well, you know. I mean, she's #ConnieCorleone in all #TheGodfather films. And she's Adrian, as in 'Yo, Adrian!' in all the Rocky films. Now she's in a new movie, Working Man, which you can catch now on demand or DVD.

In this episode, you'll witness Talia and me forming a little friendship. And you'll hear her wisdom and behind-the-scenes stories about:

The Godfather Francis Ford Coppola Marlon Brando John Cazale Jimmy Caan Kay's abortion The fight between Carlo and Sonny Auditioning and landing the gig Francis on shaky ground How the cast became a real family Rocky Sylvester Stallone Adrian's shyness The love between Rocky and Adrian What changed after Rocky + before Rocky II Working Man Her co-stars: Billy Brown (How to Get Away with Murder) and Peter Gerety (Ray Donovan, Sneaky Pete, The Wire) The Conversation Talia's supremely talented family, which includes: Francis Ford Coppola August Coppola Sophia Coppola Roman Coppola Nicolas Cage Jason Schwartzman Robert Schwartzman (see his film RAD) Art, creativity, Buddhism, community, relationships Life, family, partnership, evolving, grandchildren The Tribeca Film Festival Old-school Hollywood studio days Barbara Stanwyck and Michael Powell Being shy Nepotism Fame, theater and being a character actor Losing her husband What document she carries in her bag Dating The journey of life Join us!


Watch a BONUS video of Talia and me catching up AFTER this talk. Join us for a new conversation via Zoom on my YouTube channel:


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Celebrity interview by Kara Mayer Robinson.

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